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Congratulations on your selection of granite or marble as a countertop surface!
Please read the following page thoroughly and print out the required form.

Getting Ready for Measurements Form – Required

Preparing for your Countertop Installation

Measuring Cabinets

In preparation of your countertop installation, you need to make sure that your cabinets are ready to be measured.

• Whether you are remodeling your existing cabinets or are starting from scratch, the condition of the sub-tops matter greatly. Most importantly, they must be flat and level, and made of new, clean plywood free of oils and petroleum sealers. The thickness of the plywood sub-top will depend on the edge detail you have selected for your countertop. The sub-tops are typically installed by the cabinet maker or carpenter.

• Remove existing countertops (tiles, Formica, Corian, laminate, as well as cement and wood, etc).

• New cabinets must be fully installed before we can make templates for your new countertop. Upper cabinets must also be installed before we can measure full splash heights for your countertop backsplash.

We can only measure once cabinets are ready, so please be aware that cabinets cannot be modified or moved after templates are made. Please call Pyramid MTM after the full installation of cabinets to schedule for measurements.

Preparing for Sinks

Once the sub-tops are complete you will need to determine the location of your sinks. If the sinks are to be under mounted, it is important that the holes be cut out. Please make sure that all sinks are available on site, as we may need them on the day of installation.

• Under mounted— the sink(s) must be on the job site at the time the countertop measurements are taken. Under mounted sink(s) will be mounted at the time of countertop installation. Plumbing can be installed no earlier than 48 hours after countertop installation.

• Top Mounted—top mounted sink(s) will be required at the time of countertop installation. For top mounted sinks, a centerline location is necessary. Please inform the installers of the number of holes needed and locations to be drilled. Talk to your plumber for information regarding faucets so that on the day of installation we can drill all of the necessary holes. Please remember, if we must come back out to drill holes at another time, a charge will be incurred.

Note for all sinks: the location of water valves and accessories needs to be clearly indicated. This can easily be done this by marking the center point of each hole with masking tape. We will also need to know diameter of the holes to be drilled.

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