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Pyramid Marble Tile and Masonry (Pyramid MTM) is considered to be one of the finest natural stone and solid surface slab fabricators in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. Pyramid MTM has over 50 years experience as countertop fabricators, as well as employing the finest fabricators available.

Pyramid MTM utilizes old world hand craftsmanship in our fabrication process. There is a lot of hype in our industry related to machine fabrication processes. While we have utilized these machines in our own shop in the past, we have discovered that this process works best for repeated “cookie cutter” projects such as track homes.

Pyramid MTM specializes in custom home countertop fabrication. We have discovered that it is the craftsman that works best on these projects, not the machines. Machines are generally unable to produce the high quality work that we demand of ourselves.

Our specialty in stone and solid surface work does not stop at countertops. We also produce tub decks, shower walls, fireplace surrounds, thresholds, and much more. We encourage our customers to be creative and expressive when using natural stone. Natural stone lends itself to a home in many ways, but most importantly in visual appeal and the feel of nature. We are also knowledgable on all surface treatments; polish, honed, bushed, flamed and bushhammered.

Pyramid MTM also works extensively with all of the solid surface/Quartz products that are so popular today. In fact, we were one of the first certified fabricators of Ceasarstone in our area. We have become experts in understanding the possible uses of Quartz products in the residential and commercial applications. We also are certified fabricators and dealers of Cambria Stone, SunStone, Silestone, Pental Quarts and LG Viaterra, We are also a Dekton dealer, and we are always learning about new solid surface products. We are now using large format porcelain slabs in many applications. Our industry is in a state of constant development, and we are always working to stay abreast of these new products and developments.

Due to our expertise in this craft/trade, we are always available to help you in making stone and solid surface decisions for your home or office. We understand the best approach to fabrication and installation. We always stand behind our work, and we are always willing to do everything possible to satisfy our customer. Pyramid MTM has been in business in Santa Barbara for over 80 years. We are the company that you can depend on.


Honed stone is a smooth satin finish with little or no gloss. Once it is sealed, it can have the same stain repellency as polished surfaces. However, it may require a bit more attention to maintenance since it is a more abraded surface.

Polishing creates a reflective surface giving the material brightness and a mirror-like effect. This intensifies the colors and enhances the pattern. It also reduces the porosity somewhat, thereby increasing resistance to chemical agents.

Acid Washed
An acid washed finish is very similar to a honed surface, but has a slightly rougher or grittier texture. This process will work on limestone, travertine or marble but will not do anything to granite.

What Determines Cost

There are many variables that will determine the cost of stone installation. Some of these are: price range of cost per square foot, edge detail, type and number of sinks, amount of hand work and special instructions.

  • Kitchen countertops, backsplashes & islands

  • Bathtub & showers surrounds

  • Vanity tops

  • Fireplace surrounds

  • Entryways & thresholds

  • Fountains

  • BBQ areas

  • Moldings & Baseboards

  • Slab walls

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