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Pyramid Tile Company was established in 1928 by two tile setters who decided to go into business together, Philip Dannenfelzer and Jack Morey. These two gentlemen understood their craft, and what it meant to do “quality” work. It was also the tail end of the Great Depression, and these two hard working men understood the meaning of hard work, and the value of offering quality work.

As Pyramid Tile Company grew over the years, a third partner was added to the team. Douglas Johnston. Doug offered a background in accounting that helped to set in place a financial foundation that the company had been missing.

In 1954 Pyramid Tile Company had acquired the property at 208 N. Nopal Street in Santa Barbara. The only problem was, there were no buildings on the property. The solution, repurpose a building from the old coast highway in Montecito. So that is what they did, and in 1954 the office for Pyramid Tile Company was set on location after being moved from it’s motor hotel origins in Montecito. Later a shop was built, and the corner property was complete.

In 1958 Pyramid Tile Company incorporated, and and was given a new contractors license number; 173350. Pyramid Tile Company is the oldest remaining tile contractor in the state of California.


The the years went by, Jack retired. Philip’s son Fred began working in the family business, and would eventually take over for his father. In 1984 a new face was introduced in the business, Michael Crookston. In 1993 Doug retired.

Michael brought a new energy to Pyramid. In the first 2 years after Michael’s arrival, the company doubled in size. Michael had vision to grow the solid surface division of the company, as well as using his masonry knowledge to expand the companies trade offerings. In the early 1990’s the masonry license was added to the tile license, and Pyramid Tile Company became, Pyramid Marble Tile and Masonry (Pyramid MTM). Now Pyramid had three trades to offer contractors and homeowners; Marble (solid surfaces), Tile and Masonry.

In 1998 the last remaining family member in the business, Fred Dannenfelzer decided to retire. This offered an opportunity for two long time employees, David Kephart and Cary Hitsman, to purchase shares in Pyramid and extend the life and tradition of the company. In 2012 Michael decided that it was time that he leave Pyramid to the care of David and Cary.

While David and Cary are not from the same family lineage as the original family, they have both been with the company for over 25 years. They not only understand the trades and the business, they understand how important it is to offer work to their employees. This work helps support nearly 30 families. Many of the current employees of Pyramid MTM have been with the company for most of their career in the trades. Pyramid MTM is still a family business. A business that employees tradesmen who have pride in their work, and in the quality of their work.

Pyramid MTM offers quality work at a fair price, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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